The Last Supper 1995 ****

The Last Supper is a rare black comedy that really works. In Stacy Title’s film, Cameron Diaz is one of the idealistic liberal group who get a surprise dinner guest in the form of Zachery Cody (Bill Paxton). When no-one notices when the hosts bump him off, they decide to make a regular dinner date for murder, offing those who offend them and burying them under a cherry tree. But guest Norman Arbuthnot is wise to their plan, and attempts to turn the tables on their murderous enterprise. The Last Supper has fun satirizing both sides of the political debate, and the use of the Lover’s Concerto as hold-music on a telephone call is part of a hugely tense finale. Diaz is good, but the standout turns are Perlman and Paxton, both having fun as repulsive yet oddly human characters. Screenplay by Dan Rosen.


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