Duffy 1968 ***

Robert Parrish is something of an unsung hero of off-beat movie making, with Doppleganger aka Journey to the Far Side of the Sun amongst his other films. Working from a script by writers including a pre-Performance Donald Cammell, his caper film Duffy is an odd bird, starting slowly as Parrish establishes the country-house lifestyle inhabited by wealthy Charles Calvert (James Mason) and his family, including his son, James Fox’s dissolute, cravat-wearing toff Stefane. The action shifts to the Mediterranean where Duffy (James Coburn) a sculptor is enlisted in a plan to hi-jack a yacht, but Duffy has his own ideas about how the heist should be conducted. Marking something of a clash between traditional crime movies and hipster deconstruction, Duffy is a pleasurable wallow in late sixties ennui, with Coburn having fun in what he described as his own favourite amongst his roles.


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