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Dear Frankie 2004 ***

A pre-300 Gerald Butler demonstrates his considerable charisma in this sensitive, lively family drama. Directed by Shona Auerbach and written by Andrea Gibb, Dear Frankie is about Lizzie(Emily Mortimer), a young mother who is concerned for the well-being of her son (Jack McElhone). She’[s concocted a fabricated story to explain to Frankie that his father is constantly busy at sea, but when his ship is die to comes to port in Greenock, Lizzie offers a stranger (Butler) money to pretend to be Frankie’s father. Gibb’s script focuses tightly on Frankie’s understanding of adult relationships, leading to a twist that plays cleverly on audience expectations. Dear Frankie is a tear-jerker, but one that engages the audience in an honest, genuinely moving way.


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