The People That Time Forgot 1977 ***

Terry Gilliam once noted that if you put a blonde wig on Matt Damon (as he did in The Brothers Grimm), you have Doug McClure. The Virginian star found a second lease of life in the small but memorable genre of British period dinosaur movies, with 1977’s The People That Time Forgot a good example. A sequel to The Last That Time Forgot, Kevin Connor’s film conflates Edgar Rice Burroughs’ two follow up novels into on adventure, with Patrick Wayne leading an exploration to the Antarctic to rescue Bowen Tyler (McClure). Dana Gillespie is ideally cast as a comely cave-girl while Sarah Douglas snaps pictures of dinosaurs and Tony Britton worries on a nearby ship. An Apocalypse Now story for schoolboys, The People That Time forgot is a crisp entry in the lost world genre.


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