Dragonslayer 1981 ***

Disney in the early eighties found itself in a strange quandary; the family audiences it had long courted were returning, but the studio seems unsure of their material; 1981’s fantasy Dragonslayer was a flop, but one that’s far more accomplished than many hit of their time. Matthew Robbins directs this tale of a young knight (Peter McNicol) who joins with wizard Ulrich (Sir Ralph Richardson) to free the land of a fire-breathing dragon. The dragon itself is a fearsome creature, rendered impressively with a little computer-generated assistance, and it’s eggs hatch into an even nastier strain of creature. Pre Games of Thrones and The Hobbit, Dragonslayer features probably the best dragon on cinematic record, and the lavish design and an appearance from Star Wars’ Ian McDiarmid make this well worth chasing down for fantasy fans.!content/35561/Dragonslayer


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