John Dies At The End 2012 ***

Writer/director Don Coscarelli has been a genre staple since Phantasm, and his 2012 movie John Dies at the End investigates a similar world of parallel universes to amusing effect. John (Rob Mayes) and his pal Dave (Chase Williamson) are college drop-outs who discover a new drug that allows users to travel in space and time. Adapted from David Wong’s novel, Coscarelli’[s film deals with familiar horror situations, and included cameos from genre figures like Doug Jones (Hellraiser) and Clany Brown (Highlander), but it’s got far bigger ideas than the usual zombie movie, and a flashback structure involving Paul Giamatti is skillfully used. A weird and rather wonderful piece of horror-whimsy, on a par with the director’s similarly daft Bubba Ho-Tep.


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