‘…wisely keeps its alien creatures off-screen for maximum effect…’

Long before The Creator or Rogue One, Gareth Edwards made his name with this ingenious low-budget monster movie, which wisely keeps its alien creatures off-screen for maximum effect, and focuses on the relationship between a world-weary journalist (Skeet Ulrich) and a well-heeled tourist (Whitney Able) as he tries to escort her through Mexico.

The country has been partitioned due to rampaging monsters, and the love-hate relationship between the protagonist takes up more of the running time than confrontations with the creates, although when the set pieces come, they’re extremely well staged.

Complete with an ambiguous ending that chimes with District 9’s suspicions about whether mankind are the true monsters, it’s easy to see why Gareth Edwards was quickly propelled to the A list for his Godzilla reboot.



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