Young Doctors In Love 1982 ***

The presence of Hector Elizondo amongst the cast attests to Young Doctors in Love being the debut feature of Garry Marshall, who went on to Pretty Woman fame and featured Elizondo in all his films. Marshall makes a good stab at directing this Airplane!-style comedy about trainees in a city hospital, helpfully named ‘City Hospital’. The gags are thick, fast and variable, but the cast is extraordinary, including Michael Richards, Patrick McNee, Demi Moore, Harry Dean Stanton, Dabney Coleman, Sean Young and Spinal Tap’s Michael McKean in the leading role. ET makes a guest appearance, and even if the result is somewhat shambolic, it’s all good, spirited fun in a cheerfully naïve way. Jerry Bruckheimer produces, untypically for him, and Maurice Jarre contributes the score.


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