Zoltan Hound of Dracula 1978 ***


Also known as Dracula’s Dog, this low-budget shlockfest carries off a ridiculous idea with some brio. When Count Dracula (Michael Pataki) is thwarted in his vampiric business by a dog, he takes revenge by turning into a bat and biting it. The poor hound becomes his slave, as does owner Veidt Smith (Reggie Nalder), and when an earthquake unearths them in 1978, they set out to track down Dracula’s last descendants. There turn out to me Michael Drake (Pakati again) and his family, whose holiday is interrupted by the call of the undead. Jose Ferrer plays a Van Helsing style vampire hunter, and the presence of a puppy sets up the idea of a sequel on Albert Band’s wonderfully daft dog story.




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