Maroc 7 1967 ***

TV star Gene Barry files his name into the ‘men who would be Bond’ category with this glitzy and glamorous caper movie from 1967. Produced by co-star Leslie Phillips, Maroc 7 sees Barry play a safebreaker who ingratiates himself with Louise Henderson (Cyd Charisse) and her magazine’s fashion shoot in Morocco, with his real target a medallion hidden in a tomb. Phillip’s plays straight as an Austin Powers-style photographer Raymond Lowe, and there’s unlikely support from Denholm Elliot as the strangely-accented Inspector Barrada. Marcoc 7 has a handsome enough production, although not in the 007 class, and a neat plot twist; even if the action isn’t that involving, it’s a cool little genre entry that’s barely been seen.


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