Amityville 3D 1983 ***

When a horror franchise ‘jumps the shark’, it’s usually because they’ve moved away from whatever made the original formula work; After two reasonably sober entries, claiming to be based on real life experiences, veteran director Richard Fleischer took the franchise into hokey new territory with Amityville 3D. No longer confined to flies and bumps in the night, Amityville 3D goes for bug-eyed monsters and literally blows the house to pieces as a gateway to hell opens up beneath the house. Tony Roberts, from Stardust Memories, plays the non-believer who is quickly convinced of the house’s powers, with a youthful Meg Ryan amongst those caught in the trap. The 3D is used for amusingly cheap effects, as Frisbees, construction poles and more are thrust towards the camera, making for a enjoyably daffy romp.


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