The Revolutionary 1970 ***

Jon Voight followed up Midnight Cowboy with this sober and politically of-its-time drama, set in suburban London and following the progress of an aspiring revolutionary. Voight dons spectacles and trench-coat to play A, a man sickened by the capitalist system, who decides to rebel through such subversive gestures as removing his trousers in a meeting, or by taking over a pawnshop and returning the contents to the needy. A’s flirtation with work lead him to meet such improbable ordinary British working types as Robert Duval, and to a dalliance with the pretty daughter of a bourgeois oppressor. Paul William’[s film is unusually serious in its contemplation of raging against the capitalist machine, leading to an ambiguous ending, but The Revolutionary manages a solid portrait of an angry, disempowered young man.


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