The Legacy 1978 ***

More British haunted house hokum from 1978, with imported US stars Katherine Ross (The Graduate) and Sam Elliot finding life in an English country manor can be deadly.  Margaret Walsh (Ross) is one of five people invited to the mansion, the others seem to have gathered for the reading of a will, but the reality is they’re being knocked off one by one; The Who’s Roger Daltry chokes on a chicken bone. A hot of ageing UK smoothies, including John Standing, Charles Grey and Lee Montague are in support, and Richard Marquand, pre-Return of the Jedi, gives The Legacy a rather nasty edge. As the Agatha Christie murder mystery gives way to something more demonic, Marquand keeps the oddly mismatched elements of The Legacy in sync to enjoyable effect.


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  1. I heard Charles Gray totally steals a Bergerac episode as an Alistair Crowley type character. Roger Daltrey lent his house for use in the film.. reviewed it myself.. again love your thoughts. It must be our Scottish upbringing that makes us gravitate towards those kind of movies. Where abouts are you?

    • This is such a seriously nutty film. Real over-the top performances. Check out Edward Fox in 1979’s Cat and the Canary for similar madness. remember Daltry’s death scene being a peach, and Charles Gray, never knowingly underacted, he’s a madman!

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