Stunts 1977 ***

Packed full of well-staged action, Stunts was part of the late 70’s idolization of the ‘Hollywood stuntman’ that reached its height with Hal Needham’s Hooper.

Robert Forster, later to be the romantic lead in Tarantino’s Jackie Brown, plays a hard-boiled professional stuntman who investigates a film shoot when his brother is killed in a fall from a helicopter.  There’s the usual camaraderie, the stuntmen pay tribute by trashing a motorbike from a cliff-top, but there’s an edge to proceedings as the stuntmen realize that they’re little more than cannon-fodder in a deadly entertainment machine.

There’s support from Joanna Cassidy and Richard Lynch, and Mark L Lester demonstrates the same narrative briskness that he brought of 80’s action classic Commando. Stunts is a decent little who-dunnit, with a gloss of impressive stunt-work to hold the attention.


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