Sophie’s Choice 1982 ****

The late, great Alan J Pakula (All The President’s Men, The Parallax View)  took time away from the thriller genre to make this lush, beautiful showcase for the abilities of Meryl Streep. Based on the book by William Styron, Sophie’s Choice is the story of Sophie (Streep) , a concentration camp survivor to come to America and falls under the spell of the charismatic, eccentric Nathan (Kevin Klein). Nathan’s fascination with the Holocaust sparks memories for Sophie, fully realized by Pakula in dramatic and sensitively presented flashback scenes. The phrase Sophie’s Choice has entered the language to depict any difficult decision, but the climactic moments of Pakula’s film remain on of cinema’s greatest, most heart-wrenching scenes.


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  1. “POLISH CONCENTRATION CAMP SURVIVOR” is an ambiguous and incorrect phrase since it can imply the existence of Polish Concentration camps – there being no such thing. The correct and more accurate phrase is “Polish survivor of a Nazi German Concentration camp”. Let’s not confuse geography with history – that is the victims and scene of the crimes with the German perpetrators.
    It would be good if that sentence was amended to remove the inadvertent error.

  2. The term ‘Polish concentration camp ‘ is incorrect. The German Nazis established the ‘concentration camps’ on occupied Polish soil. The camps were not Polish as implied by the comment. Please correct the error.

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