Quest For Love 1970 ***

Director Ralph Thomas is better known for his carry On films, but took a diversion in 1972 to direct this time-travelling romance based on a book by John Wyndham (The Midwich Cuckoos). Tom Bell plays Colin Trafford, a scientist who slips through a portal to a parallel universe where Kennedy lived, Everest has never been conquered and he’s a playwright unhappily married to Otille (Joan Collins).  Overpowered by her allure, he falls in love, only to see her die from a rare heart condition. Returning to his own reality, Trafford goes on a quest for love, finding Collin’s doppleganger in an alternate universe before the same condition strikes her. With superbly dry support from Denholm Elliott, Quest For Love is a sci-fi romance with a twist, and a welcome departure from the effects-driven science fiction that soon because the norm.


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