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Possession 1981 ***

Andrzej Zulawski never made a normal film, and the closest he got to the mainstream was 1981’s Possession, which won Isabelle Adjani a best actress award at Cannes, back in the days when copulating with a tentacled monster designed by Carlo Rimbaldi (Alien, ET) in an East German basement was considered awards bait. Sam Neill and Adjani inhabit a strangely deserted Berlin circa the Cold War, and what looks like a spy movie lurches towards domestic drama and then horror as the affair he suspects her of turns out to be with a truly bizarre creature. A psychosexual nightmare of ambiguous political intent, Possession rises to several unforgettable sequences, including Adjani’s meltdown on the underground and a distressing scene in which the couple appear to mutilate themselves with electric knives during an argument.


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