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No Way Out 1987 ***

Kevin Costner hit the heights in the late eighties, early nineties with a string of popular roles, including Bull Durham, Field of Dream and The Untouchables. Roger Spottiswode’s remake of The Big Clock focuses the action in a Cold war era Pentagon, where Tom Farrell (Costner) is lured into a steamy relationship with Susan (Sean Young). Susan is the mistress of politician David Brice  (Gene Hackman), and when Susan is killed in an accident, Farrell realizes that all the clues are going to lead back to him.  No Way Out takes a while to ground the characters, but rises to a series of terse, tense chases and confrontations as Farrell attempts to evade the authorities while trying to nail Brice, with the identity of Russian spy Yuri adding further complication.  Probably Costner’s best work as a leading man, he gets great support from Will Patton, and the result is a glossy, entertaining and twisty thriller for grown-ups.


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