Holocaust 2000 1978 ***

Cashing in on the mid-70’s demonology cycle, this farrago from director Alberto De Martino throws in a little nuclear fusion to the tried and tested ‘industrialist suspects his son of being the anti-christ’ trope.  Kirk Douglas is the businessman Robert Caine, who is in charge of developing a thermo-nuclear plant in the Middle East, but he’s plagued by apocalyptic visions; could the seven turbines the plant uses be forerunners of a seven-headed beast sent by the devil? British stalwarts Simon Ward, Anthony Quayle and Alexander Knox all appear dumfounded by the material, but Douglas throws himself into the material with abandon, frequently nude, and bringing a welcome zeal to the proceedings. Some nasty deaths, including a decapitation by helicopter blade, attest to the influence of The Omen, but Holocaust 2000 has a entertainingly manic energy all of its own.


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