King Kong Lives 1989 ***

It’s become standard practice for major studios, studying the dismal box-office returns for their much hyped products, the brass-neck public disdain by mooting a sequel. Presumably veteran producer and showman Dino De Laurentis was facing an expiring option for his 1976 King Kong rights when he unwisely green-lit this breath-taking folly, but the result is a perfect example of so-good-its-bad. King Kong somehow survives his fall from the World Trade Centre towers, but requires a heart transplant and blood transfusion. Step forward Queen Kong, a prospective mate whose comely voice drives a resurrected Kong to a second rampage. Terminator’s Linda Hamilton is amongst the onlookers who can only gape at the deadpan shenanigans, while director John Guillermin manages none of the epic scale he brought to The Towering inferno, and the comedic value is sky-high throughout.


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  1. So bad it’s good, is right! One of my guilty pleasures and it still makes me cringe in places.

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