God Told Me To 1978 ***

Larry Cohen’s prolific reign as an ideas-driven maverick lead such quirky fare as It’s Alive, Q The Winged Serpent and Phone Booth,  but few of his films attain the messianic zeal of God Told Me To, a detective thriller than reaches the sordid heights of David Fincher’s Se7en, but has an off-kilter energy of its own. When New Yorkers starts spraying each other with bullets, notably Taxi’s Andy Kaufman as a policeman in a parade, cop Tony Lo Bianco discovers that all the killers claim to have heard the voice of God telling them to kill. The investigation gets about as murky as can be,  and the final lurch into horror is the coup de grace in a film packed with subversive notions and frightening conceits, well above usual genre standards.


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