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Abraham Lincoln Vampire Hunter 2013 ***

Neither a sequel or a remake of 1974’s Captain Kronos Vampire Hunter, this underrated comic book movies showcases the operatic style of Timur Bekmambetov, who made his name with Russian sci-fi thrillers Nightwatch and Daywatch before moving to Hollywood with all-action extravaganza Wanted.  Benjamin Walker plays Lincoln at several stages of his life, established as a follower of an accomplished vampire hunter (Dominic Cooper), Lincoln ascends to the presidency only to find his battle with the ruthless Adam (Rufus Sewell) has only just begun. The tone is surprisingly serious, mixing in historical details as if trying to establish an Oliver Stone-like alternate history, and Bekmambetov films the action on an epic scale. Audiences didn’t seem to get the joke, but Abraham Lincoln Vampire Hunter is never as silly as the title suggests, providing an entertaining genre mash-up that sticks in the mind.


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